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Eddie’s Takes a Turn for the Worse

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Saturday, May 31, 2014.

It’s our first full day at Highland Haven and we need groceries. We also need to do laundry. Normally, Cindy and I do these chores together but Eddie’s not doing well today. He stopped eating and all he wants to do is sleep. His back left leg is now bothering him in addition to his front. We’re starting to get worried. Cindy goes to the grocery store in Floyd while I stay in the Airstream with Eddie.

Eddie's Won't Leave the Sofa All Day

Eddie’s Won’t Leave the Sofa All Day

Laundry’s a bargain.

Cindy also takes care of the laundry. Since we started full-timing, we’ve learned the cost of doing laundry varies widely and Highland Haven is the best deal so far. The washers aren’t coin machines but machines like you have at home. There’s a lock box for payment and they rely on the honor system to collect the nominal charge. There’s also a white board in the laundry room where campers sign up for a block of time to use the machines. This avoids conflicts. All the more reason to love this place.

Dr. Google says Eddie’s going to die.

It’s Saturday evening and Eddie’s still lethargic. We thought he sprained his leg a few days ago but now we’re beginning to wonder. We found a tick on him last week which I extracted quickly. He’s never had a tick bite before. We do a Google search about dog ailments and include the word “tick”. Warnings of Lyme Disease pop up. The symptoms described by Google match Eddie’s and we read about it being fatal if not treated immediately. It’s Saturday night and we can’t wait until Monday. We do another Google search and find a 24-hour Vet in Christiansburg, about 22 miles away. Eddie’s too weak to walk so I carry him to the truck.

The drive is on winding farm roads and takes close to an hour. It’s dark outside as we carry Eddie into the office. The clinic is a well-appointed modern facility in a strip mall. We fill out paperwork as the Vet Tech carries Eddie to the back. About 20 minutes later, she returns leading Eddie on a leash. He’s walking with his tail held high. He looks cured! We learn his adrenaline has kicked in from all the excitement so it’s a little too soon to celebrate. The Vet Tech invites us to wait with Eddie in one of the examining rooms. As we sit, one of the resident cats walks in. A few more minutes go by and in comes another one. Cindy decides they’re Cat Nurses and have come to check on Eddie. Eddie has not grown up with cats but he’s been around them enough to know they usually run away when chased. Chasing cats is a Fox Terrier’s favorite game and these two are probably the reason why Eddie perked up. Eddie does his best to antagonize them but they ignore him which frustrates Eddie all the more.

Nurse Cat #1

Nurse Cat #1

When the Vet arrives, the Nurse Cats leave. The Vet has run some tests and everything she can do in-house looks good. We’ll have to wait on the Lyme Disease results since they’ve run out of test kits. She asks us to walk Eddie around so she can observed his gait.  She believes Eddie has hurt his back and needs a few days’ rest and pain pills to recover. It’s midnight when we leave. He walks back to the truck on his own and Trixie is glad to see him.

Nurse Cat #2

Nurse Cat #2

Eddie Improves – Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last night, Eddie slept on the sofa and not in the bed with us. I imagine everyone, including Eddie, got a better night’s sleep as a result. We give Eddie his anti-inflammatory / pain pill, muscle relaxer and antibiotic for Lyme disease (just in case – we’ll find out Tuesday for sure).  He’s a little hungry this morning. We feed him rice and chicken leftovers from last night. Trixie gets some too so she doesn’t feel left out.

Eddie’s back to normal – Monday, June 2, 2014

When Eddie was at his worst, I told my sister that if he ever got back to his normal pain-in-the-butt self, I would not get mad at him ever again for misbehaving. She said this pledge would last about an hour. Turns out she was right. This morning, Eddie and Trixie get into their leash-tug-of-war fight. To others, it looks they’re trying to kill each other. Normally, I’m embarrassed for others to witness such ill-mannered dogs but this morning I let them play-fight for a few minutes before I tell them to stop. It’s good to have Eddie back.

Eddie finds his first snake and does his best to go after him. Nothing wrong with this boy.

On Tuesday, Eddie finds his first snake and does his best to go after him. His Lyme Disease test came back negative. Nothing wrong with this boy.

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