Eastbank Campground, Chattahoochee FL

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Eastbank Army Corp of Engineers Campground

Eastbank Army Corp of Engineers Campground

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Canada Geese and goslings wandering around the campsite resume their honking at dawn making it difficult to sleep in on our first morning of full-timing. That’s OK since we have a ton of stuff to sort through and organize. After a quick breakfast of grits and coffee, I start to pile up the plastic bins of clothes, camping paraphernalia, and who-knows-what-all on the picnic table at our campsite. Pretty soon it looks like we’re having a garage sale and fortunately our neighbors seem to ignore us and our stuff. As we go through each bin, every item is categorized as follows: 1) store in the trailer 2) store in the truck 3) store at my sister’s house 4) give to charity or 5) throw out. I’m amazed at how much stuff we give to charity and throw out. We should have done this weeks ago but I guess it takes realizing how little space you have to decide that 4 sets of binoculars is not really necessary (BTW 2 went to charity and Jim, I still have my dad’s set that you gave me).

Cindy Gets a Great Idea

We had planned to be in Montgomery tomorrow to visit with family. This puts the pressure on us to get everything organized today. Cindy suggests we stay a third night giving us another day to get our act together. Great idea. It never would have occurred to me alter plans at the last minute. It’s going to take effort on my part to realize we no longer have to live by a schedule. Now that we have another day to get organized, we have some lunch, take a nap and think about what to have for dinner…oh the stresses of retirement.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More of the same although this time it’s stuff from the truck that gets piled up on the picnic table. Much to our amazement, we are finding places to put most of our stuff in the Airstream. On previous camping trips, we only took a weekend’s worth of clothes and food and never bothered to use storage space under the dinette, sofa and bed. There’s even storage under the sofa armrests we’re using for for the first time. The challenge now is to remember where we put things. The righthand armrest contains pet supplies, lefthand armrest contains Airstream manuals, extra foodstuffs go under the dinette settees, clothes and shoes not to be worn everyday go under the bed. It’s all fitting! The truck is still jammed full of stuff but much of that will go to my sisters house when we visit in June.

We load up the Buddy-Boys Trixie and Eddie and head into town. What excitement. We find a local church that excepts donations and then head off to the grocery store for tonight’s dinner. Cindy has her heart set on grilled pork chops and who am I to disagree.

Eastbank Campground Review

Eastbank Campground is an Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) campground right on Lake Seminole just across the state line from Chattahoochee FL. We’ve never been disappointed in ACE CGs and this one is no exception. The grounds are kept very neat, the bathhouse is clean and you get 50 amps and water all for $22. You can’t beat that. They have a dump station upon exit. Reservations are accepted although there is a fee for changes or cancelations. The views are great and many sites, including ours, are right on the lake. Sites are spaced apart for what you’d expect for a state or government park but are angled to give most sites an unobstructed view. Some sites are pull-through and most are angled to make backing in relatively easy. Most sites appear to be big-rig accessible as well. Sites have paved driveways with gravel pads. Each site has its own fire ring and charcoal grill. There is also a single washer and dryer available for $1 per load each. Unless you like to fish, there is little to do other than enjoy the views. There’s not much to see in the nearby towns either although there is decent grocery store about 5 miles away in Sneads FL. It’s close to I-10 making it a great stopover spot which is why we chose it.

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