Cold Feet?

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Monday Feb. 3rd, 2014

Only 11 more weeks of work to go. I don’t like wishing my life away, but I can’t wait to start our life on the road.

I call Cindy to let her know I’m on my way home. My office is only a ½ mile away so I walk to work each day. Trixie and Eddie know the routine. They can tell from Cindy’s voice that it’s me on the phone. They get excited and start barking & running around the apartment.  Between my office and the apartment is a boardwalk that crosses over a mangrove swamp. Cindy times it so they get to one end of the boardwalk as I show up at the other.  The boardwalk is about 100 yards long. Once T&E see me, Cindy lets go of their leashes and they run as fast as they can to greet me. It’s great fun for everyone but today Cindy tells me we need to talk when I get home. Uh oh.

She’s spent the day packing up stuff that we plan to store at my sister’s house. Early on, we had decided to sell pretty much everything and only store stuff of sentimental value. It was easy getting rid of most of our stuff when we sold our house last June. We kept enough furniture for a one bedroom apartment and of course we kept all the good stuff.  We also kept a lot of things we didn’t really need but weren’t quite ready to part with. Now the time has come for making the hard decisions hence “the talk”.

“What if we rent a small apartment to keep as a home base?”

I tell Cindy, “We already have a small apartment and I can’t imagine spending more than a month or 2 here each winter. Besides, we have other places we want to spend winters.” We discuss other options.  We soon realize it’s not having a place to call home that’s important but rather having the ability to quickly and easily return to “normalcy” should the need arise. Full-time RV’ing is a big step for us. Just knowing we have some slice of our former lives stocked away somewhere gives us just enough security to avoid a severe case of cold feet. Who knows, in a year or 2 we may decide to sell it all.

So we add another line item to the budget: rental cost for climate controlled storage. After making this decision, we feel much better. Not only can we keep what’s important to us, we no longer have to go through the nightmare of Craig’s List ads, moving sales, and so on. Now all we have to do is figure out how to get our stuff over to the storage room…

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2 thoughts on “Cold Feet?

  1. Allison

    Congratulations on your new life style. Having the storage room is good. When we left the house behind we had two. A year later we got it down to one. There is just some stuff that can’t be replaced, or you just plain want it. I had 15 years worth of photo albums that needed a home, as well as some furniture. Your assessment of Class A’s is correct. We have one, and it has had some issues. There are a lot of moving parts! I hope you like Airstreaming a lot and that you’ll all be very happy in your SilverCloud.

    1. John Post author

      Thanks for commenting. We’re taking stuff of sentimental value to my sister’s house this summer. We’ll probably swing back through Florida next winter and may sell everything then. We’ll see.


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