Pinterest Makes a Great RV Tool

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pinterestTurns out Pinterest is one of my favorite RV planning tools. Every time I stumble across a great RV tip or travel destination on the Internet, I pin it. Think of Pinterest as a way to create visual bookmarks of your favorite Internet sites as opposed to regular bookmarks you create in your browser.

When I first heard about Pinterest, I got the impression it was a web site primarily for women wanting to share photos, ideas and tips about cooking, sewing, fashion, etc. Turns out these topics do make up the most popular categories for the 70% of Pinterest users who are female. Despite this, I have discovered it’s also a great tool for RVers no matter what your gender.

Ever since we decided to go full-time, I have been scouring the Internet reading articles, blogs and forums about anything RV-related. I often come across a post or web page describing a place that has to go on my must-see list. My must-see list is a spreadsheet containing places to visit when we finally hit the road. It’s gotten so long and cumbersome that I wonder why something I added months ago ever deserved a place on my list to begin with. Here’s where Pinterest comes to the rescue.

My first experience with Pinterest was searching for and browsing through other user’s pinboards. A pinboard is a subject-based category Pinterest users create to organize images. If you click on one these images, it will take you to the web site from where the image originated. I suspect most Pinterest users re-pin others users’ pins but how do these images get into Pinterest to begin with?

Some websites, such as this one, have installed a Pin It button somewhere on the page. My blog has a Pin It button at the top and bottom of every page so if you like what you read here and want to pin this page to your Pinterest account, you simply click it and select an image from this page as your visual bookmark. You can also add a descriptive comment to your pin to help you remember why you pinned it.

But how do you pin a web page that doesn’t have its own Pin It button? The best way I’ve found is to install a Pin It button in your list of browser bookmarks or favorites. I’ve added mine to my list of Safari favorites so it shows up on the menu bar as seen here:

My Safari Browser Window showing the Pin It Button as a Bookmark

My Safari Browser Window showing the Pin It Button as a Bookmark

Now anytime I come across a web page that I want to pin, I simply press the Pin It button on my browser menu bar and it prompts me the same way as if the web page had its own Pin It button.  Installing a Pin It button is browser dependent so check here for instructions.

To check out my pinboard of RV finds, click here.

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