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Lazy Days of November and December

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Early morning heron at the Venice Rookery just south of Sarasota FL.

Early morning Great Blue Heron at the Venice Rookery just south of Sarasota FL.

When it comes to updating the Barefoot Dog, boy have I been lazy. For the past 2 months, we’ve been visiting with family for the holidays and while we’ve had a great time, not much blog-worthy stuff has been happening.

We spent 4 weeks at the Sarasota Sunny South RV Resort over the Thanksgiving holiday. The RV park is minutes away from every retailer imaginable including our favorites: Costco, Publix, Total Wine, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, etc. Staying put and having the conveniences of full hookups and familiar surroundings was nice for a change. When traveling, it can be stressful having to find and figure out a new grocery store every few days. We did make it down to the Venice Rookery which is an ideal spot for bird watching & photography.

Northern Waterthrush at the Venice Rookery

Northern Waterthrush at the Venice Rookery

For Christmas and New Year’s, we’re staying at a private RV park within the Pecan Plantation gated community in Granbury Texas. We’re here for a couple weeks and will be back on the road as usual come the first week of January.

Not every day has been spent in an RV resort.

In our last post on the Barefoot Dog, we had made it as far as St. Augustine FL. Before arriving in Sarasota, we spent a few nights at Silver River State Park in central Florida and then headed back to our home stomping grounds in St. Petersburg FL to spend a week at Fort De Soto County Park. Fort De Soto is one of our favorite parks of all time and is located at the mouth of Tampa Bay. We spent many weekends here in the years leading up to our retirement. Many sites are right on the bay and all have water & 50 amp hookups. There are beautiful beaches, one of which is dog-friendly, and nature abounds. It’s usually full during the winter so reservations are a must.

Our campsite at Fort De Soto looks out on Mullet Key Bayou near the mouth of Tampa Bay.

Trixie and Eddie feel at home at Fort De Soto County Park. Our site looks out on Mullet Key Bayou near the mouth of Tampa Bay.

Grayton Beach State Park

After our stay in Sarasota, we headed to Montgomery Alabama for more family visits. On the way, we stopped in Grayton Beach State Park for a few nights. The campground at Grayton Beach is one of the nicest we’ve ever stayed in. Sites are spaced well apart and some, including ours, have water views. On the downside, it’s a small park so hiking opportunities are limited and dogs are not allowed on the beach.

Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach State Park. The beach is located over the dunes seen in the distance.

Grayton Beach is just minutes away from the picture-perfect community of Seaside FL.  The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey, was filmed here and like the movie there seems to something unnatural about the place. It’s simply too perfect. Besides, with homes selling for $1M and up, it’s too rich for our blood. The best part about Seaside is the 5 or so vintage Airstream food trucks lining the main square. For lunch, Cindy chose a pulled pork sandwich from Barefoot BBQ (I like that name) while I had a Smokin Turkey gourmet grilled cheese sandwich from The Meltdown on 30A.

Airstream Food Trucks in Seaside Florida

Airstream Food Trucks lining the main square in Seaside FL.

Seaside Florida

No other town in America could have such a picture-perfect Post Office.

Campsite at Grayton Beach State Park

After escaping from “The Truman Show” movie lot, we made it back to reality at our campsite at Grayton Beach State Park.

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