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Day 1 of Fulltiming and We’ve Already Broken the Rules of “Two”

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Saturday April 19, 2014 – Moving Day is Here!

6:00 AM – Our first day of retirement and we’re out of bed early. Not much time for coffee drinking and paper reading this morning. The movers will be here by 9 and we’ve still got more packing to do. It seems like we have a lot of stuff for a 5x10x10 storage unit but we’ve measured carefully and have a plan of how it’s all going to fit. We’re so excited to finally begin our adventure!

9:00 AM – The movers are here right on schedule. I explain what goes in the storage unit first so they load it on the truck last. In less than an hour, they’ve loaded everything and off we go to the Storage place. Unloading goes even quicker and much to my amazement, everything fits. Boy I love it when a plan comes together. At this rate, we’ll be done by 3:00.

12 Noon – After a bite of lunch, I load the truck up with stuff for Goodwill. We should of have taken this stuff over last week. No big deal, Goodwill is right next door to the Storage place so I stop in there to store a few more items we missed in the morning. This unscheduled task puts us a little behind schedule. We should be done by 4:00 giving us plenty of time to relax in the motel this evening.

3:00 PM – After the umpteenth time toting stuff down three flights of stairs, we begin to wonder how everything’s going to fit into the Airstream. Because we live in an apartment, we keep the Airstream at an RV Storage lot about 5 miles away. So far, we’ve made 2 trips and have at least one more to go. The leasing office closes at 5:00, surely we’ll be done by then. We begin to question our sanity.

5:00 PM – The last of everything is finally loaded. Cindy and the dogs head over to the leasing office to turn in the keys while I drive over to the Apartment dumpster to throw away a last minute load of trash. We’re hot, sweaty, sore and downright miserable. We begin to think this was the worst decision of our lives. Retirement is not supposed to be this way. I think about how easy I had it going to work everyday. Maybe they’ll give me my old job back.

7:00 PM – After one more trip to the storage unit to pack away the ironing board, we’re at the Airstream trying to figure out where we can stow stuff for travel. We have no time or desire to organize things. Nerves are frayed, we’re hungry and tired. Fortunately, we’re on our home turf so finding a place with good take-out is easy. Once we’re in the motel with a glass a wine in hand, things begin looking up. After we finish off the bottle, everything seems great again.

Sunday April 20, 2014 – We’re On Our Way

Somewhere I read about a full-time RVer who lives by the rules of “Two”: Never drive over Two hundred miles a day, never drive after Two o’clock, never sleep more than Two in your RV. We’ve added a few of our own: Never stay less than Two days in a single spot, never stay more than Two weeks in a single spot, never have more than Two dogs, never have fewer than Two drinks a night. We’re breaking the first two rules on our first day. We’re headed to Eastbank Campground on Lake Seminole GA for a 2 night stay. It’s 300 miles away and we’ll arrive around 4 PM. Eastbank is an Army Corp of Engineers campground just across the Georgia border from Chattahoochee FL. We take our time leaving the motel. Now that we’re retired, there’s no need to rush. We hitch up the trailer and recheck our stuff to make sure nothing can fall or break while we’re under way. At exactly 9:16 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time on Easter Sunday, April 20th, 2014 we are finally on the road as full-time RVers. We give each other a high-five. It took us a year of planning and effort and for the first time I finally feel retired. As we drive by my old office off I-275, I tell Cindy, “I used to work there.”. What a great feeling.

Eastbank Campground - Our first night as full-time RVers.

Eastbank Campground – Our first night as full-time RVers.


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